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InternetNZ research highlights Kiwis' concerns about online world
Wed, 21st Feb 2024

InternetNZ has unveiled its new Internet Insights research showing the pressing concerns and general attitudes of New Zealanders towards various elements of the online world. The survey, commissioned annually by InternetNZ and executed by Verian (formerly Kantar Public), unveils fascinating stats about the increasing number of New Zealanders concerned about AI, disinformation, online harm, and cyberbullying.

The research touches on the significant number of individuals who are affected by online harm or harassment and the frequency of Internet usage - outlining common online activities among New Zealanders. It also uncovers the most and least used social media apps and details the proportion of New Zealanders connected to Fibre - highlighting groups who don't regularly have access to it.

In addition, the research delves into insights on attitudes towards AI, its familiarity, and the predominant concerns arising from its use - the foremost being the malicious use of AI. The fact that working remotely is the preference of many people in New Zealand serves as another key takeaway from this study.

This exploration has been undertaken annually by InternetNZ with assistance from Verian to map and demonstrate current trends and transformations in public opinion about online presence and activities. This regular appraisal seeks to display the evolution of thoughts and perceptions, enabling various stakeholders to adapt and change with time.

InternetNZ expressed a willingness to release the research in advance under an embargo for any interested media outlets wishing to arrange interviews. An advanced copy of the research can be acquired by reaching out to Jessie Sefulu-Tosswill, the Acting Communications Manager at InternetNZ.

Moreover, Vivien Maidaborn, the Chief Executive of InternetNZ, has been confirmed to be available to offer further insights through interviews.

InternetNZ works as a not-for-profit entity that operates the .nz domain space. The organisation strives to ensure the availability of the .nz domain names to businesses and individuals in Aotearoa, aiming to foster a thriving online presence. The revenue generated from .nz domain names is redirected back into the community through various grants, sponsorships, and promoting safe and accessible internet practices that benefit everyone in Aotearoa.