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iboss unveils cybersecurity module to boost government DNS protection
Wed, 10th Jan 2024

Cloud cybersecurity company, iboss, has unveiled a government protective Domain Name System (DNS) module, aiming to strengthen cyber defences of government agencies against DNS vulnerabilities.

Threat actors have been known to exploit DNS vulnerabilities and use techniques like DNS tunneling to exfiltrate critical data. The newly launched iboss Government Protective DNS Module integrates the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)'s protective DNS service, offering advanced threat detection and encrypted DNS for all devices.

The cloud security firm's protective DNS module aligns with their ongoing effort towards redefining network protection and eliminating the need for traditional security appliances.

This new module is designed specifically addressing the cybersecurity requirements of government agencies, offering a reliable cyber fortification against the frequently exploited DNS vulnerabilities. It has been hailed as a "strategic leap in cybersecurity."

"Cybersecurity threats, particularly those leveraging DNS vulnerabilities, have become more sophisticated and rampant," said Paul Martini, CEO of iboss.

He further explained, "Our new Government Protective DNS Module provides an unprecedented level of security, ensuring that government agencies meet and exceed the encrypted DNS security and logging requirements of OMB M-21-31 and M-22-09. Our solution is meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with CISA's Protective DNS service, providing a robust and compliant cybersecurity infrastructure."

Historically, DNS vulnerabilities have allowed attackers to exfiltrate data and establish Command and Control Centres for malware and ransomware in network systems. Conventional security mechanisms tend to fail to detect such covert operations.

The new iboss solution has been designed to overcome this issue, offering government agencies enhanced protective measures that meet the mandates of regulatory authorities.

More specifically, the iboss Government Protective DNS Module provides each agency with unique per-agency IP addresses for seamless integration with CISA's Protective DNS service.

Utilising these IP addresses, every DNS query is meticulously screened for potential threats such as malware, ransomware, and phishing attempts. The module also enables the secure processing and logging of every DNS request, ensuring complete compliance with cybersecurity requirements.

The module is devised for operational excellence, the company states. DNS queries can be forwarded directly to CISA after being processed through iboss' secure infrastructure. The process is further simplified via Cloud Connector agents, which can be readily installed on government devices for securely transmitting DNS requests across all networks.

Alongside its advanced threat detection capabilities, iboss's Government Protective DNS Module ensures complete compliance with government DNS requirements and offers DNS Rate Limiting, thereby enhancing the security infrastructure's capability to thwart several threats like DNS tunneling and phishing attacks.

Not only does the module deliver encryption of DNS queries and secure the logs centrally, but it is also designed to forward all DNS queries to CISA's Protective DNS Resolvers, ensuring comprehensive security regardless of the user's locations. In addition, the module seamlessly integrates with Security Information and Event Management systems, providing real-time threat analysis and response.