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Forcepoint Dynamic Edge Protection delivers data-centric SASE solutions

28 Jul 2020

Forcepoint has this week launched a new suite of cloud-native, data-centric SASE solutions as part of its Dynamic Edge Protection suite, which are designed to plug the gaps in enterprise security systems created by work-from-home environments.

The Dynamic Edge Protection suite includes new cloud security gateway and private access offerings through its SASE solution architecture.

The company says that work-from-home environment has raised many critical security challenges in terms of data protection, network security, secure access, and threat protection.

Forcepoint chief product officer Nico Popp explains more about SASE architecture: “Today’s business environment is irrevocably changed as COVID-19 has introduced the security risks of the difficult-to-manage work-at-home environment. A SASE architecture approach that is cloud-first, end-user aware and powered by a converged security platform with unified user policy delivers a compelling path forward.”

“For security teams today, it is as much about protecting the user against threats as it is about enabling home users to securely connect to corporate applications in the cloud and on- premises, while controlling and protecting the data that home users are accessing and moving to their insecure home.”

As such, the company’s Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway comprises Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies into a single, centrally managed cloud service.

The company says the solution provides full visibility and control of on-premise, site, and remote work facilities.  It provides full visibility and control. The 100% cloud-native service is available as a single SKU, meaning there is no need for purchasing, administering and supporting multiple products or solution bundles.

Forcepoint Private Access is a new cloud service that provides true zero-trust remote access and a built-in Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) to protect internal applications without the complexity, bottlenecks and risks of VPNs. 

The solution gives organisations fine-grained control without exposing internal networks, and it frees remote users from having to work differently or suffer slower cloud performance. It also protects internal applications and networks against potentially compromised remote devices and networks while also preventing the loss of sensitive information or intellectual property.

Together, Cloud Security Gateway and Private Access can deliver additional converged capabilities, including:

  • Network Security: Secure Web Gateway and Next-Generation Firewall as-a-service
  • Threat Protection: Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS), Intrusion
  • Prevention Systems (IPS), AntiVirus (AV), Advanced Malware Detection (AMD) delivered as-a-service
  • Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) powered by Ericom
  • Secure Access: Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Zero Trust Network Access
  • (ZTNA)
  • Data Protection: Cloud and endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

"With Cloud Security Gateway and Private Access, Forcepoint is today introducing... cloud-native SASE solutions, that make it easy for enterprises to adopt by simply extending their existing on-premises policy to the cloud to protect work-from-home users,” concludes Popp.

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