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Dynatrace launches OpenPipeline for enhanced data management
Wed, 7th Feb 2024

Dynatrace has recently launched its brand-new core technology, OpenPipeline. This new addition allows customers to manage petabyte-scale data ingestion into the Dynatrace platform. The technology is designed to bolster secure and cost-effective analytics, AI, and automation.

The OpenPipeline technology provides teams involved in business, development, security and operations with full visibility of the data they are inputting into the Dynatrace platform. This is achieved while preserving the context of the data and the cloud ecosystems where they originate. Furthermore, OpenPipeline has the ability to evaluate data streams five to ten times faster than legacy technologies. These capabilities allow organisations to better manage the increasing volume and variety of data from their hybrid and multicloud environments without needing additional tools.

Alex Hibbitt, Engineering Director, SRE and Fulfillment at Albelli-Photobox Group, said, "Data is the lifeblood of our business. However, we face challenges in managing our data pipelines securely and cost effectively." He added that the OpenPipeline solution "extends the value of the platform," enabling albelli-Photobox to manage data from a broad spectrum of sources alongside real-time data collected natively in Dynatrace, all in one single platform, allowing better-informed business crucial decisions.

According to Gartner, modern workloads are generating monumental volumes of data each day, with some reaching hundreds of terabytes or even petabytes. Managing this data can cost large enterprises over $10 million per year. The need for a unified pipeline in data management has gone up due to the complexity of modern cloud architectures. Despite budgetary and privacy challenges, stakeholders require more data-driven insights and automation, suitable visibility, and control over their data for making better decisions, improving productivity, and reducing costs.

OpenPipeline, when combined with other core Dynatrace platform technologies, offers benefits including petabyte-scale data analytics, unified data ingests, real-time data analytics on ingest, full data context, controls for data privacy and security, and cost-effective data management.

Dynatrace's CTO, Bernd Greifeneder, commented, "OpenPipeline is a critical addition to the Dynatrace platform." He outlined how OpenPipeline enriches, converges and contextualises heterogeneous data, providing unified analytics and fueling robust analytics and trustworthy automation. "Based on our internal testing," Greifeneder estimates that OpenPipeline "will allow our customers to evaluate data streams five to ten times faster than legacy technologies."

It is expected that OpenPipeline will be generally available to all Dynatrace SaaS customers within 90 days of this announcement, with initial support for logs, metrics, and business events. Support for additional data types will be coming soon.