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Check Point launches Horizon IOC for centralised cyber threat management
Thu, 14th Dec 2023

Check Point has announced the launch of Horizon IOC, a centralised platform designed to manage Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) across enterprises.

Integrated seamlessly with Check Point’s comprehensive product suite, the new service boasts a continuously updated feed for real-time protection, improved management capabilities, and advanced cloud scalability.

As the speed of cyber security threats continues to escalate, a robust and centralised solution for managing IOCs has never been more critical. The new Horizon IOC platform from Check Point has been specifically developed to streamline IOC management across an enterprise.

The Horizon IOC platform offers a centralised data source, integrating information from Check Point products, SOC teams, and external outlets. This consolidation of diverse data streams into one unified management interface aims to empower organisations in their cybersecurity efforts and strategy.

Check Point has ensured that Horizon IOC provides immediate policy enforcement across an enterprise. Policies set within the Horizon IOC manager are enforced in real time, including on Check Point products such as Quantum Gateways, Harmony Email & Collaboration and Endpoint. This extends to third-party and proprietary systems, ensuring a cohesive and synchronised security approach.

In addition to policy enforcement, Horizon IOC boasts automatic population of IOCs. Thanks to native integration with Check Point Horizon XDR/XPR and Playblocks, indicators of compromise created within these solutions are instantaneously populated in Horizon IOC.

This automation facilitates swift response times and real-time updates, thus providing a proactive defence against emerging threats.

The Horizon IOC software has made the creation of IOCs simple and fast. By inputting values, adding descriptions and names, organisations are assured of robust security coverage across their network, endpoint, and email communications.

Horizon IOC offers users enhanced management and control capabilities. This includes the ability to organise IOCs into multiple feeds, granting organisations greater flexibility over their chosen security strategies. Furthermore, constantly updated IOC feeds ensure timely protection, helping third-party and proprietary systems to stay current.

Horizon IOC is built to offer comprehensive coverage through connections to live feeds or manual imports of IOCs. This enables organisations to access updates from a variety of external sources, including Threat Intelligence feed providers and proprietary systems, thus ensuring an all-encompassing and real-time defence strategy.

Per Check Point's announcement, implementing the cloud-based Horizon IOC takes mere minutes and is built for scalability to accommodate the dynamic needs of modern organisations.

In summary, Check Point's new Horizon IOC platform provides a seamless, centralised, and scalable solution for managing IOCs. With its user-friendly interface and real-time enforcement capabilities, it is positioned to become a fundamental part of organisations’ defence strategies against increasingly complex cybersecurity threats.