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archTIS signs reseller agreement with TEAM Asparona to sell Kojensi Gov

01 Aug 2019

Cybersecurity company archTIS is pleased to announce that it has signed a reseller partnership with TEAM Asparona for the commercialisation of its Kojensi Gov secure Content and Collaboration platform offering in New Zealand.

TEAM Asparona is well-established as a key supplier to the New Zealand government, having a number of key agencies as clients of its content-as-a-service platform ContentWorX.

TEAM Asparona currently delivers ContentWorX to a variety of central government agencies in New Zealand, including New Zealand Ministry of Justice, the Department of Conservation and several other large government departments.

In total, this consists of over 5,000 licensed users of their ContentWorX platform which is expected to grow.

Kojensi Gov’s unique combination of collaboration and security features make it a perfect addition to TEAM Asparona’s ContentWorX which provides government clients with record and information management services.

The agreement allows TEAM Asparona to resell archTIS’ Kojensi Gov platform to new and existing New Zealand government clients, where there is an identified need to collaborate across government departments at a classified level.

TEAM Asparona will be able to sell Kojensi Gov as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud offering or as an on-premises solution for clients that require high classified information sharing.

TEAM Asparona will also act as an agent for Kojensi Gov, working on archTIS’ behalf to prospect for direct commercialisation opportunities as well as identify other ecosystem partners who will take the Kojensi Gov product to market in areas such as Defence and Intelligence Agencies.

Based in Wellington, TEAM Asparona has an international reputation with a presence in Europe and the United States through its relationship with TEAMInformatics.

This announcement is another example of archTIS successfully implementing its Go-to-Market Strategy to accelerate Kojensi Gov commercialisation through developing a strong partnership ecosystem. 

archTIS will continue to leverage its existing strategic partners and reseller network to accelerate the commercialisation of its technology, and grow its pipeline of opportunities across the government, defence, legal and critical infrastructure sectors.

Kojensi Gov, which launched for commercial sale in Australia in April 2019, has been met with strong traction to date, having been added to the Australian Federal Government’s Cloud Services Panel (CSP) as an approved cloud service.

The agreement allows archTIS to enter the New Zealand market with a commercialised SaaS product, tailored for the public sector, and demonstrates the success of archTIS’ partner ecosystem and multi-market interest through other suppliers.

archTIS managing director Daniel Lai says, “The New Zealand public sector represents a real growth opportunity for us given its close alignment to our ongoing work with federal government stakeholders in Australia. archTIS has a long-standing relationship with TEAM Asparona, with whom we have been working closely for over three years.”

TEAM Asparona CEO James Fowler say, “We have seen growing demand for secure collaboration solutions in recent years, particularly in the Government market.  In line with our commitment to select best-of-breed solutions for our customers, we recognised that Kojensi Gov represents an exciting combination of leading-edge innovation and archTIS’ extensive experience in the defence and secure agency sectors. 

“We have already seen strong initial interest in the product from both customers and our alliance partners here in New Zealand, so the Kojensi Gov product is a welcome addition to TEAM Asparona, our ContentWorX platform and our portfolio of content management solutions.”

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