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Advanced Security buys local electronic security integrator

12 Aug 2020

Advanced Security Group has added another company to its portfolio – South Island-based electronic security integrator VIP Security.

Advanced Security Group, which is owned by TPT Group Holdings, operates nationwide. The acquisition will enable Advanced Security to increase the number of offices to 16 across the country, with VIP’s office in Blenheim rebranding under the Advanced Security name.

Advanced Security general manager Hayden George says, “Advanced Security is extremely excited to integrate the team from VIP Security in both Blenheim and Christchurch.”

“This adds to our capability at the top of the South Island to complement our Nelson branch, but also provides immense capacity to our Christchurch team. 

“The staff at VIP Security are first class with some great skill sets, a wonderful passion for quality client outcomes, and a creative flair to be innovators and think outside the box.”

“In this regard, we have strong alignment and look forward to enhancing our touch points with our clients across the South Island.”

VIP Security, Advanced Security, and Systems.Com businesses were formed out of Siemen’s withdrawal from the electronic security market in New Zealand in 2002. 

Advanced Security acquired Systems.Com in 2010, and the company states that its VIP Security acquisition ‘brings the original Siemens business back together’.

VIP Security owner David Proud says the amalgamation will meld the VIP team with Advanced Security’s culture, processes, ISO accreditation and commercial strength.

“[It] will allow us to deliver more outstanding solutions and grow the region to new heights that VIP has always aspired to,” he adds.

Advanced Security won seven awards at the recent New Zealand Security Association Awards in early August.

The company won Security Integrator of the Year for the second year in a row.

Advanced Security staff also picked up awards for Visionary Leadership, Security Trainer or Workplace Assessor of the Year, Outstanding Staff Retention/Staff Development Programme, Electronic Trainee of the Year, Design and Support Electronic Sector Professional of the Year, and Install and Service Electronic Sector (Corporate) Technician of the Year.

TPT Group, Advanced Security’s parent company, states that the VIP acquisition is its eleventh deal across the electronic security and IT sectors, with more to come.

“This acquisition further invests in our future, this will make our business stronger, increasing our market capability, providing enhanced service to customers, as well as opportunities for our people,” says TPT Group CEO Mike Marr.

TPT Group businesses include Advanced Security Group, IT Engine, Technology Leasing (NZ), Promessa Property Group, ASGSPL Limited, ASG Technologies, VigilAir, Asset Insight Limited, and TPT Group Investment Fund.

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