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Top 10 takeaways from email security in 2020

Where would the world be without the humble email? This communication tool is still vital, even in the age of instant messaging and video conferencing – and when the majority of the world’s businesses have been forced to work remotely, email becomes much more important.

Some 60% of organisations believe it’s inevitable or likely they will suffer from an email-borne attack in the coming year, according to a 2020 report by Mimecast.

Email’s popularity is a double-edged sword – not only is it the tool that we all use to communicate in business, it continues to be the most common way that cyberthreats pierce a business.

Email-borne attacks aren’t going away - they’re not even slowing down. Yet in the coming year, only 60% of organisations believe an attack will come from an email.

Learn about the threats, the possible aftermath, as well as how to protect your people and your systems from email-borne attacks.

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