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Security teams don't have the time - but at what cost?

The modern cybersecurity landscape is continually evolving with new, sophisticated malware and attack techniques that threaten enterprises on a massive scale.

At the same time, enterprise networks have become increasingly complex with multi-cloud and multi-vendor solutions that expand the boundary of the network.

Limited security staff members are inundated with alerts and data streams from too many security tools and are unable to prioritise and analyse this deluge of security information in a timely manner.

As a result, threats go undetected for extended periods — an average of more than 200 days according to the Ponemon Institute — and cybercriminals steal sensitive and valuable data while trolling their victims’ networks with unfettered access.

Modern cybercriminals are well organised, well-funded, and profit-driven.

To effectively combat these cybercriminals, enterprise security teams must simplify and automate their network and security architecture, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to drive real-time actionable intelligence and remediation.

Discover how cybersecurity automation can help you regain the advantage against modern cybercriminals and bolster your enterprise security posture.

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