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E-book: The quick MSP guide to Security-as-a-Service

It is rapidly becoming fact that every MSP (managed service provider) has to be thinking about cybersecurity.

It may seem like a simple thing - choose a vendor or two with an antivirus and a firewall and you’re good to go - but with the recent explosion of security offerings, the truth is that choosing what to add to your portfolio can take a lot of time and research.

Without due diligence and research into which solutions will be right for your clients, you could find yourself opening them up to malicious attacks or breaches that could land them, and you, into hot water.

This is doubly true as cybersecurity legislation is being introduced all around the globe and is likely to land on NZ shores any day now.

One step in the right direction is taking a look at this quick, clear and comprehensive guide by SolarWinds that aims to help MSPs (managed services providers) bring security solutions on board, whether to complement their current portfolio, or to evolve into a full-blown MSSP (managed security services provider).

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